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Article By: Keith "Pudge" Bell (staff)
Photos By: P&OM Garage Staff

Letter From the Editor - January     

     Once upon a time there was an Old Man. His name was Ammon and he had a son (that's me!). Hi, I'm Pudge (Keith), the "P" in Pudge & The Old Man's Garage.

      The Old Man and I have been working on cars, trucks and bikes for a long time. We have a ton of fun just hanging out the in the garage and working together. Well, after awhile some of my buddies started coming around: like Shannon, Bob, Dan and many others. Then I met a guy named Joe Smith. Yea, that's right, Joe Smith. He was the one who got me into motorcycles.

      We were friends for awhile and then he had to go to the desert to fight some bad guys. While he was overseas, he would call me with this crazy idea to start an online magazine. An all inclusive custom magazine where we feature bikes, cars, trucks, tattoos, bands, and many other things. He told me we enjoy all these things and he was sure that a lot of other people like the same stuff we do. I told him he was crazy and blew him off. But when he came back he wore me down and talked me into it. And here it is. My first letter from the editor!!!

      I have a great group of guys that are ready to bring you everything from wild trucks, great local bands, tattoo artistry, crazy chopper motorcycles, sport bikes...the list goes on and on. So fasten your seatbelts folks, 'cause you're in for a great time!!!

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