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Article By: Steve Kehler
Photos By: Pudge & Duval

I was going to write an article about how great of an invention this quad was, but then, I figured, why not let the man that built it tell you about it himself! So, here is Steveís version of what this awesome creation of his is all about. -Shorty

Hi, my name is Steve Kehler, owner, builder and designer of the Kehler Quad Street-legal 4-wheeler Hayabusa, and shop owner of TOCC (Tricked Out Custom Cycles) in Hatboro PA. I had this idea for eight years now, and finally, Iíve built the monster this past year.

The bike is based on a 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa. We first started in making a rear swingarm that would allow us to use an ATV rear axle. We custom made the rear brake rotor so we could use a streetbike rear caliper (for better braking).

Once that was completed, we moved to the front of the bike. I wanted to retain as much of the original bike as possible, so we custom made a quad-like front frame section out of aluminum and welded it to the sportbike frame.

Next, we used some East Coast ATV (Gibson arms) with the use of the Honda 400 EX front spindles and some hardcore hubs (it started to all come together!) We also had to make custom front brake rotors (larger than a regular quad rotor). This allowed us to use some radial front brake calipers off of a 2004 Suzuki GSXR 1000. We added some sprint car front shocks and had them make us one off rims to fit the quad bolt pattern.

Once the rims and tires were mounted, we were ready for the fenders. We also made the custom undertail exhaust for a smooth look on the bike. We added the pingel electronic up and down shifter for kicks. Finally, we added tons of chrome and a custom paint finish, and there you have it.


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