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Staff: Keith "Pudge" Bell
Title/Role: Senior Editor/Owner/Photographer

Hey, I'm Keith Bell (AKA Pudge), one of the founding members of P&OM Garage. I get to produce the layouts, designs and graphics for this great on-line magazine. In addition, I am one of the photographers that travel to many of the shows to get the features and show coverage you see in the magazine every month. I've owned a mini-truck since 1996 and have traveled across the East Coast to an array of shows and events. For the past two years, I've owned a 98 Honda CBR and participated in many bike rallies. To get ahold of me, shoot an e-mail to

Staff: Ammon "The Old Man" Bell
Title/Role: Photographer

"The Old Man" is the "OM" in P&OM. He is the founder and originator of our crew. The Old Man has been hot roddin' and terrorizing his home town for thirty-eight years, since he got a 1971 Chevelle that used more tires than Dale Earnhardt ever dreamt of. Just recently he has graduated onto a two-wheeler. After learning to ride on an eighty cc dirt bike, he bought a brand new '03 Harley XLH Sportster 883. The Old Man has recently become one of the photographers for the magazine

Staff: Amy "Shorty" Bell
Title/Role: Writer/Editor/Financial

Hi! I'm Amy "Shorty" Bell, Pudge's better half. When Keith decided that this magazine was going to work, I was assigned with all of the administrative end of things. I got to set everything up to make us a real business, proof all of the boys articles so that all of you in reader land know what they are trying to say, and then write articles of my own. Now, I've expanded into promotion and taking pics at many of the shows that we will be at. I have worked in a small office doing many of the multi-tasking things that I do for this business for the past three years. I love keeping busy, and this definately fits the bill! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would be doing this type of thing, but I wouldn't give it up for anything at this point. Let me know what you think of the magazine, and life in general, by sending an e-mail to or chat at a show!

Staff: Rocky
Title/Role: Comics

I drive a '91 Cadillac Eldorado. The paint comes off of it sometimes. Like†most of the cars on this website it's a "phatty killing kickass rod". I work in the basement of Rite Aid Corporation as a graphic designer. I talk to other employees there -†mostly about the weather and all the things we could do with a jar of peanut butter and a handful of Q-tips. Do yourself a favor and hitchhike to New Orleans, naked. Pack a toothbrush. Let me know how that goes. So you don't like my comics huh? Good. Tell me how much you hate them. Maybe I'll draw a comic just for you letting everyone know how much I hate you too.

Staff: Ryan "Duval"
Title/Role: Photographer/Web Design

Hey, I'm Ryan "Duval", one of the minds behind this great idea. I am one of the photographers for the website and sometimes help with the stickers. I work at a local Graphic Art shop doing screen printing, embroidery, and vinyl work. I enjoy traveling to the different shows taking the pictures; I'm into the import scene since I cruise around in a 1994 Ford Probe GT. This is such a great a job, meeting new people and just having a good time with friends doing something we all like to do. So look us up at the shows, we are the ones with the P&OM shirts on hauling around cameras. You can also contact me at

Staff: Bobby Moore
Title/Role: Writer

My name is bobby im a porn addict, there i said it . I am pretty much into anything custom car wise. I spend my time going to shows and dong my nationwide porn tour while sniffing markers you'll know when you see me im the guy with the marker mustache and the glazed look with the big bag that they give you so no one knows your a pervert. So any good pics /sites drop me a line

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