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Staff: Richard ďDickĒ Perkins
Title/Role: Freelance Photographer

When I'm not busy taking pictures of cars I'm an engineer by trade, and I also masquerade as a glamour photographer. I'm based outside of Philadelphia, and can be found most weekends at what ever tuner event happens to be at the Jersey or Maryland shore. I'm having a blast doing this, every show I go to I have fun and always meet some really cool people. And when you mix hot cars, pretty girls, and cameras, you just can't go wrong. I have a RSX that I've been playing with, a little at a time, one day I'll try my luck entering it at a show.

Staff: Jason Torzok
Title/Role: Freelance Photographer/Writer

Better known as JST Photography, I cover the North East and Mid Atlantic region shooting with models and covering shows. I mainly shoot Fashion, Glamour, Swimwear, Lingerie and Artistic Nudes and if you're interested in working with me or you have any questions... you can find me on or email me at I'm a down to earth type person and I love to make new friends. You will almost always see me with my camera, cause its like a Visa... I never leave home without it! So, don't be shy, come up and say hi and I just might take your picture!

Staff: Tom Cain
Title/Role: Freelance Photographer

Hello, Tom Cain (AKA Cain) I met Pudge and Amy at East Coast Bowling Nationals 04. I got initiated into the P-OM family at Carlisle All Truck 05 when Amy asked me to have a chug of Dr. McGillicuddy's followed by a mouthful oh Hershey's Syrup. I primarily shoot show coverage and features for P-OM all over the northeast, I also handle P-OM's advertising. E-mail me if you're interested I do a lot of Photoshop and Photography freelance work around the Tri State area and I've been in photography for 4 1/2 years which is about the same amount of time I have been the show scene. If you see me at a show introduce yourself I'm usually the kid with the camera who talks too much!

Staff: Joe Yutz
Title/Role: Freelance Photographer

Staff profile to come...

Staff: Saree "Teeth" Swidersky
Title/Role: Freelance Writer/Photographer

Hey, I'm Saree Swidersky (AKA Teeth). I am currently a student in college majoring in Health and Physical Education. I have been familiar with the car/truck/bike scene for the past few years, but it wasn't until recently that I became part of the P&OM Garage crew.
I am still fairly new to the magazine, but you will definitely see me around at all the shows taking pictures or just checking things out! So, if you see me at a show, don't be afraid to come up and say Hi, I would love to get to know you! I'll be the girl with the P&OM Garage shirt on and a great big, white smile on my face.

Staff: Shannon "Slim" Bailor
Title/Role: Writer/Photographer

Hi, I'm Shannon Bailor, aka Slim. I've been part of the crew since, well since the beginning. I am a writer and photographer here at the magazine but in the real world I'm a forklift operator. I have recently parted way with the mini-truck scene to spend more time with my beloved Suzuki SV-650 - once I got on my bike I knew no truck could compare. My girlfriend Sam and I enjoy riding our bikes (yes she's got her own bike). I am having a lot of fun customizing my SV. Keep an eye out for it, it's gonna be hot.

Some great people who help out from time to time...

Matthew Hupp
Alaina Hupp
Mike Dube
Paul Constable
Big Ryan
Chris Hartzel

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